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know. "the morning washington" begins right now. >> this is good morning washington. >> this thursday morning. welcome back. >> we begin with the traffic and weather every 10 minutes to . it is our first full day of fall. it feels more like summer. >> temperatures will be more july-like. the average high temperature in july is 89 to three. that is the warmest year in washington. in late september, it is going to feel even hotter than that. we will have high temperatures and below our mid-90's. >> currently, we are in a 60's. hot and humid today. tomorrow, low or mid-90's.
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cooling down through the weekend, and mid-80's on saturday and sunday. that is it for the forecast. >> we do not have a picture. there is a crash on the belly in maryland. i'm planning to pull up a map for you. it crashes a mile before it the avenue. it is on the right side. 395 commit the crash is after seminary road and before king streets. >> thank you. it is 5:01. the future of school reform in the district. they will go toe to toe. whether they can work together. we are live with some of the mixed signals what we have seen so far this is the meeting in by
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the people have been talking about. they want to sit down and talk about the future of the public schools. it is set to begin at noon today. it comes eight days after they describe the victory as devastating for schoolchildren. it comes on the hills a comment made by the gop that you be open to rehiring some of the teachers that were read fired last year. he made an appearance on the oprah show. arne duncan tells the washington post is a big friend and ally to see her stay. -- is a big supporter and would like to see her stay. they are looking forward to sitting down and having a
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conversation and moving forward. both say education reform here and the district of columbia will remain a priority. >> allow the people waiting to see what happens. >> a virginia woman will be executed tonight barring any last-minute interventions. she was convicted of arranging the 2002 murder of her husband and stepson. she will be the first person to be executed in a century. house republicans will be in sterling today. it calls for cuts in federal spending. there are a bindinbanning the fl reform of abortion. >> sections of the new health care reform law take us back today. companies can no longer set
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lifetime caps on medical costs. they are banned from canceling coverage for people who get sick. parent to be able to keep adult children on their policies until they are 26. people no longer will have to pay for some preventive care. it. 5:04. the threat of terrorism is closer to home than you might expect. potential terrorists are being recruited right here in the u.s.. >> fighting terrorism is getting more complicated. extremist and getting help from people within the borders. >> it comes from homegrown terrorists. but there were three series it in the attacks in seven months ago first was the failed new york city's subway plot then the christmas day scare and the times square bombing attempt in may. at least 63 americans have been arrested in the past year for
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terrorism charges. >> do you believe this is an aberration are likely to continue? >> we assume it is not an aberration. >> they cautioned that they are harder to detect. >> launching a larger and more devastating attack. . the government plans to expand and multimillion-dollar attack. >> thank you very much. we are following something. there is been the rest of the capital of diversity student. he was riding his bicycle when you shot and killed in sherman circle. yesterday, police arrested juvenile male charge of first- degree felony murder while armed. >> investigators are trying to
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find out what caused the fire that killed a mother into a for children. it broke out in a town house yesterday propos she died along with their five- year-old son and three-year old son. she dropped her other three children out to the second-floor window to safety. neighbors say they were terrified. >> they were shaking. they wanted their money. they wanted their brother. we tried to calm them down. >> family members placed flowers at the scene in memory of the victims. >> virginia may have a lot of newly discovered money to pay for transportation projects. bob macdonald is expected to announce the findings of a new audit. it uncovered hundreds of millions of dollars in funds. they are said to be spread across several accounts.
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the money could total $500 million. >> it is 5:06. ahead, more questions have been injured after a call for help. a police officer shot a family pet. >> a new warning for parents. a popular brand of baby formula is being recalled. >> the first full day of fall is here. >> the first full day of fall is here.
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>> as a slight chill spread across millboard, we will find a way to perk you up. >> welcome back. it is a warm and muggy start to our thursday morning. temperatures aren't a 60%. do are in the city posed a. i want to show you the rainfall. a very tropical air mass is in place. that is when you get a big grain drops. not everyone saw that much rain.
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they dumped it. let's take it a bit the forecast. it will look in the bill a lot like yesterday. scattered clouds. tomorrow, i think we will heat up a little bit. mid-90's. the record high and reagan national is 94 degrees. and maybe a few degrees warmer. it is cooling for the weekend. >> it is the world's five star airline. >> their delays going out to enter. 395 northbound is going before a king street. we show you the approach to the beltway. >> thank you so much. if is 5:11. we have seven degrees on this thursday. blackberry's answer to the ipad.
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this top secret blackpad. like a man says officers are out of line when they shot and killed the family pet. officers talk. >> amass a formulary,. officers talk. >> amass a formulary,. expanding clean energy manufacturing. but in america, gridlock has held us back. now, the senate can change that - by passing a renewable electricity standard. it will spur development of clean energy and boost manufacturing in america, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs. so we can make our own energy future - not just buy it from china. call your senators and urge them to pass a renewable electricity standard today.
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>> she could soon learn her fate. they will sit down for a meeting this afternoon. he would to those very fired last year.
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consumer protections contained in the health care reform law go into a back today. it includes banning insurance companies from dropping coverage to people who are sick. millions of containers of powdered formula had been recalled. they may be contaminated with insect parts. they could lead to digestive problems. it does not affect liquid formula. >> the crash as from our area. he was a navy seal. yet been a high school football player in nasa. he played the crowd. he was killed along with eight other members. he is 29 years old. >> it prince george's county family is demanding enters after police shot a family pet. it happened after a call for help.
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we are joined by from police headquarters. >> officers say they acted in self-defense after the dow charged them. this family and neighbors to a witness to everything say officers were out of line. >> part of this family is now gone. >> few shots and the have been no reason. >> he made the 9-1-1 call after his brother pulled into the driveway and was approached by two armed men demanding his car. his brother got away, ran into the house, and came out with a gun. when officers arrived, it they wrestled him to a ground. >> they did shoot the dog and
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arrest him. even as they grabbed them, the dog did not do it. >> he was arrested in charge of the number of things including assaulting a police officer. there will be a full investigation into the shooting. the officer will not be placed on leave. >> we appreciate blackberry branches out. a facebook fail. we have both stories and more. >> facebook goes down. the website experience a rare outage wednesday, leaving members locked out. the problem was a third-party network provider. it affected users all over the country.
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the device will consider a seven eacin touch screen. what i want to pull a rabbit out of the hat for it to work. >> blackberry's rating system has been a young. they have been reducing market share to produce technology. they really have to come up with something pretty revolutionary. >> the baclpad run on a completely new software. >> this is your time on this thursday. >> we have a full moon. it is a beautiful shot. there is a lot going on.
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i'm going to hurry around. piquancy what looks like a bright star. not only do they have to picture, we also have the super harvestman. boyle was a beautiful. the sun was lying down in the west. you get that beautiful, big blow. it is warm. it feels like summer. no big temperatures.
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yesterday, we had a few beneficial downpours. it did pick up 3/4 inches of rain. the showers have dissipated. today is a good example of how the jet stream separate the cold air to the north. it is hot and humid here. we are on the warm side of that in the 90's. new england high temperatures are in the 70's today. we will get a little king in the jet stream. that will stop our temperatures back down. today, low and mid-90's.
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tomorrow, a record-breaking high temperatures. they are likely mid-90's. 77 degrees by sunday. that's it for the forecast. >> speaking in our armor is on the beltway. -- the kink in our armor is on the public. further upstream, they got this on king street. no problems to report right now. >> thank you. we have 70 degrees. coming up, he is limited in practice. we had this to coming up. >> just days after her release from an iranian prison, she
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gives her first television interview. that is a damn for club here on abc 7 roberta -- that is at 4:00 here on abc 7.
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>> if you miss the high a-heel 0athon you can check it out. it is a run in stilettos. there is the wind and a wide
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belt. a girl from maryland to the wind. >> she did come $10,000, a new car, and road rash. >> fit for her. -- good for her. >> the redskins were back on the field after a much needed day off. trent williams had a brace on his injured knee. he did not practice. alford did practice. jim was jumping in and stepping up and being a part of all of this. >> it is bothering me and little but. whatever his role is, we need him to help us win. >> the nationals beat the astros
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last night. matt hendrix scored for the capitals. it is a nice outing for the washington. >> it is 5:225. we have 69 degrees on this thursday. >> remember the interview on david letterman? joaquin phoenix is coming claim. it is more than a year after that infamous train wreck interview. he apologizes to david letterman. why is after a week of questions, we will have the details. >> the calendar says paul is the first full day today. it feels like summertime. first full day today. it feels like summertime. here's boulder. ok, see you in an hour. [ boulder barks ] bye, bye. here we go. come on boulder.
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>> this is "good morning watching tim." >-- washington." >> good morning to you. it is great to have you with us. >> thank you so much. much more on that day meeting today. we begin with your traffic and weather. we are talking about the interesting things going on with the full moon. it has really been pretty. >> it has been great. it is a full moon and harvest moon today. it is coming up later on in the show.
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i want to show you the radar. they are still energy moving through. but to the west. this is great. you can see the red dot on the screen. that is very heavy rainfall. they really need the moisture out there. it is beneficial. dimeters are mainly in the 60's. highs today are in the low to mid-90's. scattered clouds throughout the day. let's get a look at the road. >> i have a crash on 395 north near king's street. it is blocking the left lane. 85 south south of frederick.
5:31 am
i have traffic moving very nicely. further ahead to the beltway. >> our top story this morning, michelle was sit down with the vincente grape. the meeting has major implications for reforms in the district. we are live in the northwest. what can you tell us? >> this has certainly been a meeting set a lot of people have been waiting for here in the district. it is the first chance for them to sit down face to face and talk about the public schools with the first time since the primaries. >> the feature of the schools could be decided in a matter of hours. >> thank you, district of columbia. >> he will sit down with
5:32 am
michelle. >> it pains me to be in a situation where i could be living the should form. >> she is a warrior woman. >> she is getting support from the obama administration. arne duncan says the ahe is a fn hope she'll stay in d.c. she told -- he told wtop he will be open to rehiring the 66 teachers he fired last year. >> i do not know how many conversations we will have. next in line of people will be waiting to see how it goes. both have said this is a priority. they are looking forward to this conversation. the meeting is scheduled for noon today.
5:33 am
>> thank you so much for that report. a virginia woman will be put to death of barring any last minute interventions. teresa williams was convicted of a murder of her husband and stepson. to be the first woman to be executed in virginia in nearly a century. president obama will be back at the united nations today. he'll speak to the u.n. general assembly about the u.n. peace process about topics today. he talked about how they are changing their global development policy. this was the scene last night when protesters heckled president obama during a fund- raiser. they called on him to provide more money for aids programs and to end the military's do not ask you not tell policy. he told them to shot the republicans for killing the bill in the senate that would have been repealed. >> republican leaders are
5:34 am
looking to unveil their plans to america. it calls for cuts in federal spending, extending the bush pac -- bush tax cut. democrats say it is an old idea. >> is a big day for health care reform. he changes a hit today. in terms cammies cannot set lifetime costs. they want to keep them on their policies until they are 26. >> the time now ahead 5:34. officials are warning of a fast- growing terrorist threat. people are being recruited on u.s. soil. >> terrorism experts are testifying. we are joined with more on the information. >> good morning.
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>> good morning. the u.s. terrorism cheap says the u.s. has seen the most significant development in any year since 911. there are more a threat popping up. they are coming from closer to home. officials say the fighting terrorism is getting more complicated because they are looking for help in the u.s. borders. janet nepal a tonneau -- napalitno says in a custom u.s.. >> they have been arrested or convicted of targets. one center called it an astounding aberration. they cautioned that american terrorists are made more it difficult because they are an on-line efforts to recruit people in the united states. the government is planning to
5:36 am
expand a multimillion-dollar public relations program about terrorism this year. if you see something, say something. >> thank you so much for that. a fire that killed a mother into for children is under investigation it broke out in a town house yesterday. she was killed along with their 5 year old son and three-year old alphonso. before she died, she got her other children of of a second- floor window. street racing may be to blame. the 17 year old with speeding along the road when he lost control of the vehicle. he collided with another driver. the driver of the second vehicle was also hurt. >> it is 5:36.
5:37 am
still ahead, outrage after local police shoot a family pet. that is history you will see first. >> some manila victims go face- to-face with the owners of an egg flame -- salmonella and victims go face-to-face with the owners of
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>> we are from mexico. we are performing at the international children's festival. >> coming up, your forecast. we do have won a highly isolated downpour. it is running right along i-60. this is good, this red dot. that indicates some very heavy rainfall. it is highly isolated. this is enough to trigger the shower. we need to be boisterous. i hancock, you will probably pick up a but a bit. it to slowly dissipate. let's take a look at the conditions outside. temperatures are near 70's downtown. you will fill the humidity.
5:41 am
record-breaking high temperatures are not likely. the record high today is 98 degrees. tomorrow it is 94 degrees. let's go to lisa. >> we are in pretty good shape along to 70 southbound. i will talk about the travel time s. we will take you to the guy go camera. -- geico camera. --5"41 is the time. we have 70 degrees. >> joaquin phoenix messes up. we will tell you his on-air apology. >> prince george's county police officers say it was self- defense. and family says it was anything but. an officer shot and killed their dog. we are live with the details. >> of food safety take center stage on capitol hill.
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>> the long awaited meeting between michelle and its vince take place in a few hours. we will focus on her future of the system. he would be open to rehiring some of the teachers for retired last year >> law enforcement is telling congress the more citizens are being recruited for terror plot. 63 americans had been arrested or convicted of terrorism charges. officials say this complicates the fight against terrorism. the owners of two egg farms appeared before congress yesterday. one offered an apology to consumers. more than 1500 people have been sickened by tainted aneggs.
5:46 am
>> outrage after police killing a family pet. it started when the family, police for help. when the officers arrived, they said they were treated like criminals. we are joined by from palmer park saw the details. >> this morning to you. this family, 9-1-1 early yesterday morning after when the family members pulled into the driveway. he is approached by a two armed men who demanded his car. he was able to get away. he came out with a gun firing a call was made. police did 3 spun two shots -- did arrive. two shots were fired. they wrestled with the brothers to the ground. officers then shot and killed a
5:47 am
four-year-old rottweiler mix. neighbors and the brothers all say that the dog was not dudoing anything. officers say they are acting in self-defense, that the dog charged at them. they had to shoot until the stock. there will be a full investigation. the officer who shot and killed the double not the place on the. >> thank you summit prepared new details now. the sturdy personnel. -- a story just 47 burda volunteers solve this story on abc 7 in soda to help. -- a story you jesse on abc 7. volunteers showed up to help. >> a judge ruled a statement
5:48 am
made during another hearing. he said he cannot control himself. he pleaded not guilty. >> we turn to maryland's where martin o'malley is airing a television ad aimed at voters. right in this neighborhood, uygur of learning strong families that work hard means opportunity. that start with schools. is a tradition. i have put education first. >> he talks about his record on education. by next week, it could be -- a casino could be up and running.
5:49 am
this is set to open in december. the program was approved by voters in 2008. >> it is 5:48. it is time for your traffic and weather. >> it is 70 degrees. it is the warmest we have had in a little while. >> it is 89 degrees. we are well to the 90's. similar again today and maybe tomorrow. it is hot. >> there is irony there. take a look at this video. if you look very carefully, to be lower left, you will see what is jupiter in the night skyp. it is a big look at it.
5:50 am
jupiter looks like a very bright star in the night sky. it is going to be in the night sky for the next several weeks. we have a full moon. it coincided with the full moon. let's go to the doppler 7. we have one heavily isolated downpour. the content of an inch. it will dissipate. 63 degrees in fredericks. reagan national is at 73 degrees. there are some callers on the radar screen. this is not rain falling along. let's go to the map. there is some isolated activity yesterday. they had the highest rainfall
5:51 am
accumulation. here is a good example of how it differentiate. this a bit out to our north. another day in the 90's. another 93 degrees at reagan national. along the waterway, and the debate to live. water temperatures are still in the lower-70's. northwest of town, higher elevation begin a -- elevation. a chance of showers early next week. >> the travel times are in our favor for now. we are moving at speed here.
5:52 am
>> thank you. more than a year after his wacky appearance on the late show with david letterman, joaquin phoenix returned and apologize. >> you have interviewed many people. i seem to know the difference between a character and a real person. i apologize. i hope i did not been too. >> i was not offended. it was so much fun. it too is batting practice. >> it was a wild year for phoenix. he announced he was retiring from acting and starting a documentary as a career as a rap star. he said he is trying to explore
5:53 am
the blurring line between celebrity and reality. >> letterman made until everybody that he was not in on it . i have no idea what was going on. >> that is funny. >> it more than5:53. we have seven degrees on this thur
5:54 am
this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does.
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quite an effort to cut parking spot is it the more support. >> they extended meet your hours and busy neighborhoods to raise revenue. they doubled rate to $2 an hour. he plans to revisit the issue. the finance chairman announced he wants to do away with the changes. >> people are angry about the meters. i will introduce legislation to bring this back to sanity. >> there in the middle of a recession. anything that will cost the city revenue we have to be careful about. >> lower rates in free parking on nights and weekends could cost the city $8 million. >> of 5:56 is the time. there is a lot more to come. >> coming up, a massive baby recall.
5:57 am
-- baby food recall. what every parent needs to know. >> it is coming up in our next hour. think about the internet. growing, evolving, literally transforming our lives. now imagine the possibilities of what tomorrow could bring. at at&t, we support a core set
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>> today controversial school chancellor meets with the likely next mayor and her future could hang in the balance. >> u.s. terrorism experts have a giant morning for congress. that is next. >> it won't feel like fall. "good morning washington" continues right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning, washington. it is the first official day of fall today 6:00 thursday morning. >> time now for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we will check in with lisa in a moment but we start with adam caskey. the first official day of fall but sure doesn't feel like it. >> not at all. it feels like late july

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